The Salon

A “True Quality” Hair Color Studio

In a true quality hair salon, quality should not only be seen and felt in the technical services, but also in the way business is generally conducted and people are treated. This quality must be produced daily with consistency.

To ensure consistent service quality and technical skills, every staff member must complete our in-studio Skill Certification program. This means you can always have confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are in the talented and competent hands of a skill-certified Swan City Hair Stylist. You will always enjoy a fresh perspective, and you will always receive the utmost in True Quality Salon service and attention—unconditionally guaranteed. The program covers everything from greeting Guests,  signature scalp massage, colors, cuts and perms, to the styling and recommendations of products and techniques to maintain the health, condition and style of your hair between appointments.

We practice the highest form of Team service. The skills of the entire Swan City Hair Stylist shall be available to you. We will not lock you into one cosmetologist—or keep you on a waiting list. Meeting your service needs, busy schedule and quality expectations are our top priorities.

We also understand there will always be some Guests that may feel uncomfortable in the chair of anyone other than his/her favorite cosmetologist. It is not our intent to force any Guest into such a situation. Rather—we offer the option—just in case your favorite is unavailable when getting your “do” done cannot wait.

To create an environment for true quality haircoloring, we have researched and acquired the most efficient and true color lighting for our color/styling room assuring precise color. Using fluorescent lamps rated at 5000 Kelvin, our lighting is about as close to natural daylight as you can get. It may come at a premium price but true quality haircoloring demands nothing less. And, we do not have to take our guests outside to see the true color of their hair and skin tones.

All of this may appear to be “overkill,” but it serves to emphasize the professionalism that is a major part of the Swan City Hair’s philosophy and modus operandi. You will find the same levels of professionalism throughout the Swan City Hair, centrally located in South Lakeland, Florida.