Hair Services

As a hair color specialists in Lakeland, we provide top quality technical services and courteous attention that meet or exceed the guest’s expectations — guaranteed.

We offer a full menu of hair services for every need and desired result.  Our stylists receive constant training on new trends and products.  As each level of training is completed by Swan City Hair Stylist, their experience, skills and professionalism reach new levels.  Prices will increase gradually when these levels occur. You will be quoted the full price upon consultation.


Selected strands of hair are lightened to create an alternation of lighter tones throughout the hair design to add drama, dimension or subtle nuances. The price is determined by the length of’ the hair and the number of colors chosen. An exact price will be quoted at the time of your consultation.

$80 & up

Per Foil

Lowlights—Selected strand of hair are darkened for depth and dimension.
Firelights—Sparks or ribbons of red tones in selected areas of the hair.
Blonde Sparks—Selected strands of blonde in selected areas.

Per foil (up to 12) $6 & up

Color Change

Do you want to enhance your natural haircolor—go from blonde to red or red to blonde—change from dark to light or light to dark? Can your hair take it? Can your credit card? Really—some colors are great for a dramatic splash then diminish to look more natural as time goes by—while others require regular trips to the salon to be touched up every 3 to 8 weeks. You might want to consider your beauty budget before becoming a high maintenance diva. Allow an Swan city hair member to examine your hair, offer a price quote and explain the maintenance involved.

$50 & up

Base Lift

If your natural color appears a bit darker than what you want, a color may be used to lift your natural hair color by a tiny bit. This process makes the hair a little brighter and a little lighter with minimal maintenance. It takes less time than the conditioning treatment and the scalp massage that are included with this service.

$50 & up

Color Retouch

Approximately every four weeks most haircolor must be touched up. Color is applied to approximately a l/2 inch area of regrowth at the scalp. Particular attention is paid to the hairline and the skin is protected from staining. A conditioning treatment and a relaxing scalp massage are included.

$50 & up

Double Process Blonde

Achieving a pastel blonde on darker levels of hair often requires lifting out the color—then toning it. We use a deep conditioning treatment between these two processes to maintain the integrity and health of the hair. Sometimes the desired lightness cannot be achieved in one session. Price quote following a consultation. Retouch price as below.

$90 & up

Color Correction

Patience is sometimes needed to repair not only the color but also the condition of the hair. More than one appointment may be required to complete the process. Following a prescribed home maintenance regimen is often necessary to assure a more lasting effect after the desired color is obtained. No estimate for correcting a “haircolor gone wrong” can be given without a thorough consultation. Assuredly, with a sympathetic ear and a mindful eye, We will use rational judgment and rely on years of experience to complete the necessary correction process as quickly as possible.

Upon Consultation

Haircut & Blow Style

To ensure predictable results, all hair services begin with a consultation. A hair design will be recommended after considering your face and body shapes, physical features, hair’s condition, texture and density. A few other factors are also involved—most importantly, is the recommended style acceptable and will it be becoming to you and your life style? Magazine pictures and photos are welcomed.

$40 & up

Blow Style

No cut.

$30 & up

Child Haircut

Under 12 years old

$30 & up

Male Haircut & Dry

$35 & up

Top Coat

A process that luxuriates your hair with protein, providing exceptional shine, body, longer lasting color and protection from the elements. the clear glaze is applied after cleansing & conditioning the hair. It is then left on for a full 5 minutes before rinsing.

$25 & up

Special Occasion Styles

Knots, buns, rolls, twists and curls—smooth, sleek, elegant, sophisticated, sexy, tousled or spiky—a style that says you is a creation waiting to happen. Shampoo and blow-dry are not included in this service because of time restrictions. An additional $25 to $40 will be charged, depending on the length and density of the hair if it requires shampooing and drying.

$50 & up

Eyebrow Waxing

The eyes, often called the windows to soul, can be the most expressive feature of your face. Eyebrows frame the eyes and are very important to the balance of your entire face. Careful attention will be paid to eliminate unwanted hairs to give your brows the perfect shape to enhance your eyes.


Lash Extensions

Add luxurious length to your own lashes. Carefully selected synthetic lashes are applied individually and will last a weekend or two. Takes about 1/2 hour to complete.


Lashes per Flair

Fills – $2 each

Make-up Application

After a beautiful color and a great style, a touch of make-up will help complete your special look. We use a variety of make-up brands or you are welcome to bring your own.


Now Offering

Although these are relaxing services, we also offer to do your mani or pedi while other services are being performed such as color or cut. Our guests say this is the “ultimate in time management”.

Manicure $20
Pedicure $30

Swan City Hair – Your Lakeland Hair Color Specialists!