EPI in oval

When the black and white print was hung in the studio, it caused quite a stir. Of all the chic tricks!  I was the #1 diva until everyone started asking who she was, like if she had to be somebody. Turned out she was the highest paid supermodel of the 1950’s.

Well, that was before my time and I don’t think the term supermodel was even used back then. She’s one of those characters who got her name the same way I got mine. She made up the name “Dovima” when she was a kid by using the first two letters of her given names, Dorothy Virginia Margaret. My name “Epi” was made up from the first letters of Edi’s Place, Inc. It also is a Greek prefix which has a lot of meaning including above, on, over, on top of… which I take to mean over the top.


To quote a paragraph Edi wrote in an article about the picture, she explains, “The 1957 print we have of Dovima, titled “Savoir faire” was part of a photograph taken by Henry Clarke for Vogue. His photographs are masterpieces of extravagance in post war fashion photography. The chic mop hat Dovima wears, designed by Simone Mirman for Dior was emboldened by patiently uncurled pitch black ostrich feathers.” That is a bit over the top, like my colorful mop of hair… which by the way… doesn’t need be straightened to be chic.

We do have a few things in common. One really can only look at the two of us to see we both have lovely porcelain complexions. Dovima was discovered on the sidewalks of New York City. I was first discovered by Edi’s mother when she was looking for “the perfect” graduation card for her daughter who was about to graduate from beauty school. The moment she laid eyes on me she knew I was it! I was to become the representative to give a lighthearted touch to her mother’s heart felt wishes for Edi’s future. After graduation though, I got tucked away between the pages of Edi’s High School annual—for forty years.

I was rediscovered after Bill and Edi moved to Lakeland. That is when I became a “lockstar”!