Meet Edi

The Woman Behind Epi

edi-lepere-master-hair-colorist-lakeland-flAmerican Board Certified Master Haircolorist, Edi LePere realized her passion for haircolor while studying in New York in the mid ´70s. One of her mentors was the late, great haircolor guru, Jon Gunter. It was under his tenure that she became a member of the International Hair Color Specialists and the Congress of Colorists. This led her to join many other haircolor organizations and become a lifelong learner.

Edi insists that education is the key to becoming a good haircolorist. When asked how she remains at the top of the game, she says, “Continued education is a must and of course in this business, one must develop ESP!” then adds, “—Although, reading people’s minds might not be a bad idea, ESP in this case represents EXPERIENCE, SKILL and PROFESSIONALISM. These things take a little time and effort to develop.”

A native born Floridian, Edi worked (she calls it “play”) in several top salons across the country before settling back to her home town of Tampa where she eventually opened, her first salon in a cozy little bungalow in Seminole Heights. After nine successful years, she and her husband sold the salon and moved to Lakeland to be closer to family. But, before moving, Edi found a salon to work where she felt at home. Starting over was made easier by a third of her loyal salon guests who drove to Lakeland to continue receiving the quality service and special rapport they had developed over the years.

In order to attract local clientele, a brochure was designed. In search for a colorful cover, Edi remembered a card she kept tucked away in her high school year book—a card her mother had given her when she graduated from Beauty School, on which was drawn a little whimsical character with curly hair of many colors. She seemed the perfect messenger to carry the news of Edi’s arrival to Polk County.

When Epi Color Hair Studio opened in Lakeland, the colorful little Epi character was cherished by so many, it was a natural to have her become the studio’s mascot.

Edi has dedicated most of her adult life to making people look good and feel good about themselves. Even as a little girl, her dolls, mother, grandmother and friends were subjects to her budding talents. It is no wonder that she would want to share her knowledge with others who have a passion for the art and craft of hair design. With the help of her husband, Bill, they created the E-Team Skill Level Certification Program which continues to evolve, as does their place of beauty. Edi personally mentors each team member through the program as they gain experience, improve skills and develop professionally.