A Career In Beauty

Our company, “Swan City Hair” is located at in the Executive Plaza, 4406 South Florida Ave., Suite 23. We are a hair design, color and make-up studio, catering specifically to women. Enhancing their beauty is our business.

Our goal at Swan City Hair is to lessen the degree of these negative experiences for salon customers and cosmetologists. Before a technician performs specific services for our studio guests, they must complete a particular level of in salon skill training. By consistently demonstrating quality service, they progress through the skill level training program and help the next team member progress through their levels— in other words… O.J.T. – E.S.P.

We have learned that bigger is not always better and different is not always better either, but better is always different. Our thinking and our philosophy are taking us in a different growth direction for better service through better skills.

Our goal is to mentor every Swan City Hair Stylist through the ABCH study portfolio and help prepare them for the certification exam. If you are interested in color and want to increase your knowledge and skills, click here to find out more about the American Board of Certified Haircolorists.

If you would like to know more about our skill level training or would like to submit your résumé, please contact us at Swancityhair@yahoo.com