Fall For All

This fall it’s all about you. What looks good on you is in! If your hair is curly or straight, learn how to make it work for you with the right cut, color and products. Freedom is the… Read More

Summer Hair 2015

NEWS FLASH! Central Florida Breaks Record as Trend Setters for Summer Hair Styles 2015 If you take in the “trends” from a front row seat at a beauty show, look at fashion magazines, hair trend magazines, or Google… Read More

Over the Top

When the black and white print was hung in the studio, it caused quite a stir. Of all the chic tricks!  I was the #1 diva until everyone started asking who she was, like if she had to… Read More

Big Hair

Let’s take a little trip back in time to year 2006 when Edi and Bill opened their first hair color studio in Lakeland when I became the mascot because of my big colorful hair and irresistible charm. To… Read More