EPI in ovalLet’s take a little trip back in time to year 2006 when Edi and Bill opened their first hair color studio in Lakeland when I became the mascot because of my big colorful hair and irresistible charm. To keep studio guests informed of the latest trends, new employees and current happenings, they started a newsletter. They called it “Epi Log”. The first issue had my image on the cover but was I asked to give my opinion on anything? Nope. But by the second issue, I was given my own column called “Epi Sez”.

I began by telling my admirers it should be no wonder why I have such a big head. After spending forty years tucked away in an old high school annual, I reveled in all the attention. That’s a long time waiting to be rediscovered. I’m like a modern day sleeping beauty!

When Edi brought me out, Bill said I was perfect! Apparently, I awakened in him what Edi’s mother saw in me when she chose my graduation card to express her wishes to her daughter upon graduating from Cosmetology school. Edi always wanted to be a beautician and no one knew it more than her mother. Guess she kept me for sentimental reasons or just thought I was quite a card!

They used me, you know, to get attention. Since my rediscovery, my image has been used on brochures, labels, emery boards, bags, tee shirts, doors, signs, gift cards and embroidered on shirts and smocks. I have a website, face book, a whole line of products and even the hair color studio is named after me.
With all the attention I have received during a decade or so after coming out of recluse, I must say… my head is no bigger than it was fifty years ago. The only reason I have a big head, honey… is to support my big hair.