A Message

A message to cosmetology students

My job is important to me because I enjoy helping people Feel, Look and Be Beautiful.

As cosmetologists, we do what the lawyer, the teacher, the accountant and the chairman of the board don’t dare do. We are among the rare professionals with a license to touch people. And, touch is a vital need. It has been proven that those who are touched tend to be healthier, warmer and more emotionally stable people.

Edi Lepere - Master Hair Colorist Lakeland FLThese people who come for our special touch tend to see us on a regular, ongoing basis and often before the major events in their life. We are there for them during family births, family deaths, and all emotionally provoking events in between. We have the power, the skills and the tools to help our salon guests look and feel more attractive, and in turn, more confident. We are artists but our work is not on a mere canvas, but on a fellow human being.

We invite you to visit Swan City Hair and as many salons as you can before and after you graduate. Make sure you call the salon you wish to visit first to make an appointment for a time that fits your schedule and the salon manager. Ask if you can spend a few hours shadowing one or more of the stylists. We are hopeful that by shadowing various salons, you will get an idea of the variety, flexibility and responsibility of working in a salon or day spa.

The beauty profession offers so many possibilities to the licensed cosmetologist. Many salons and spas provide hair services, (may include shampooing, conditioning, hair cutting, hair coloring of various types, altering hair texture, hair extensions, various treatments, styling for day and special events); skin care, (may include many types of facials, masks, packs, treatments, body wraps, waxing, aromatherapy, makeup for special occasions and/or lessons on application); nail care (may include manicures, pedicures, sculptured nails and nail art); alternative hair (may include wigs and hairpieces including fitting and styling); permanent makeup, and more.

Welcome to the world of beauty— may it be an exciting and rewarding career adventure.